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Badge - virtual communications
Virtual - building
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Virtual - building
Virtual - building

The activities within SER/VE are rich, diverse, and challenging - much has been developed and much is still under development. Upon admission to different activities, students, classes, and teachers will be able to join in ongoing activities. To enable effective participation in the complex, multi-layered, and interactive experiences, you will need basic to advanced skills, depending on the quest that you are joining.

A "Badge" system allows independent skill development - click here for a 4 minute animation on badging and on how to use the resources and animation. Then use the links below to access tutorials and to find ways to earn badges that demonstrate your skills and proficiences. To the left are click-able image that also lead you to the related badging area. From below, you will see that the badges categories with links are currently being supported; the unlinked areas are actively under development.

  • VIRTUAL - these skills allow you to use the virtual islands in different capacities; multiple badges are possible from each of the links below:
    • Navigating virtual island; taking Snapshots; using text and voice communcications
    • Building and sharing objects in virtual spaces; from basic to advanced; see animations of middle-school developers at work too
  • Technology skills
    • Web uploading - basic skill for some Badge acquisition
    • Spreadsheet usage & development
    • PowerPoint / slide-show development
  • Science / math technology skills
    • Data probes & sensors
    • Graphing calculators
    • GPS & Google Earth

Available badges

Badge - virtual navigator
Badge - building
Badge - web uploader
Badge - web uploader
Contact Dr. O'Connor either at for her work as an associate professor at Empire State College of the State University of New York or at for the professional development materials.

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