Tutorials, information, and materials at these sites have been created by Dr. Eileen A. O'Connor, and are offered to her students and for general usage under Creative Commons licensure. Although diligence has been applied to making materials that are accurate and helpful, users must adapt the instructions to their own needs, to the type of computer that they have, and to the version level of their software. Dr. O'Connor is making no claims for accuracy on all computers. In the 21st century, technology has moved faster than the documentation, information, and even design can support. To ensure that you are getting the best help possible, consider these 21st century learning strategies:

  • locate help menus for applications (sometimes under the F1 key); use online forums to help you (search with Google, or the like) to find solutions to problems that are not in the documentation -- understand that computer companies in many cases do not have the resources to keep their manuals and online helps up to date
  • seek to find other alternatives if the feature is no longer available -- companies today change quickly, are bought and sold, undergo improvement and revision; however, useful products stay around, so try to find current applications if materials here are no longer available
  • explore, explore, explore and try, try, try; you can often find the features you want if you open menus and test commands
  • give yourself sufficient lead time when you are beginning new technology applications; you can be guaranteed that things will NOT work the way you expect when you get started
  • understand that materials designed for the web will look different on different users computers; test web-development materials on a variety of computers
  • invest time - technology give you HUGE advantage and power, but you need to invest the time to become proficient; you will learn best by doing; never before has the world been able to commuicate GLOBALLY free of restriction (generally) in text, voice, video, and image
  • embrace the challenge and learn to learn in this open-ended, fast changing, poorly documented environment. The gains could change your life.