You Are All Invited to the: 

Please show your support and admire the hard work
of our young scientists!

THURSDAY NIGHT - April 11, 2002   
6:00 - 8:00 PM / TOAST Gymnasium

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come out and support our young scientists. 

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What is a Science Fair Project?

A Science Fair Project is not just about Science.

A Science Fair Project is about research skills, public speaking , writing and computer skills.  it involves meeting with special area teachers at pre-arrange times and it requires a great deal or organization.  A Science Fair project requires a student to manage time wisely, develop good note taking skills, write a research paper and use math abilities to create charts and graphs.  A project requires student to correctly interpret data  and to come to conclusions based on results.  Projects require students to be creative in designing an experiment that will prove a hypothesis and encourages students to think beyond the Science Fair and into the future.  Science Fair Projects tech students how to work independently, how to gather materials from non-traditional sources and how to aesthetically display all of their hard work.  

A Science Fair Project in not just about Science.

How the Finalist Are Chosen.

All 4, 5 and 6 grade classroom teachers send their top three project to the Science Lab where they are evaluated using the scales that is found inside the Parent Packet.  From these 30 finalists, eight project are select to represent TOAST at the Joseph Henry City-Wide Science Fair on April 26 and 27 2002.


Pat Goldin, Jenna Portelli, Jake Gutta, Marissa Bagley, Amanda Gibson, Dorthea Lester, Akkera Dorsey, Catherine A. Gibbons, Holley Groves, Megan Powell, Aliqua Walker , Sinead Lounsbury, Daneesha Croley, Ben Faist, Valerie Belding, Noel Fabian, Sam Wells, Alex Hauser, Rebecca Candelaria, Celifa  Landy, Lary Bart, Marriah Carey, Tim Gibbons, Shawn-Nee Johnson, Hannah March, Aziza Vice, Matherin Twumasi, Elisha Ravena, Thananasi Athanasiasdis, Quintin Piper, Curtis Holloman, Brian Fowler, Jalani Willis, Marquis Cambell, Diayaana Ravenna.

To everyone involved

Thanks for all of the people who helped out and sacrificed time to make this Science Fair possible. Special thanks to all of the parents and classroom teachers who work so hard with our students helping them through this difficult process. 


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