A Thank You to Mr. Steven Morse

Dear Mr. Morse, 

Now that Author's Month is over, we would like to take a moment to thank for your kindness.  How lucky we were to find a genuine children's author in our own P.S.T.A!  It seemed just too good to be true, yet the truth was even better!   Through your visit, children met a real dad, a psychologist, who happened to be an author!  You shared your love of reading as well as writing.  This enabled them to see you as one of them -- as a child who enjoyed hearing his mom read Mop Top; and also like one of their parents -- reading them an adventure book about a robber.  Then, to think that you might sit down and pick up a pencil, or tap on a computer as they do every day, and actually come up with a book -- what that was just too cool!  And so, what could be a better title than Cool?  Wow!  It really made them think. 

And so we send you a heartfelt thank you from all of us at TOAST for sharing your time, talent, and most of all your love of the book and the art of writing with our children.


The TOAST Author's Month Committee
Sue Harder
Dore' Schmidt 
Nicole Forman

P.S.  We also appreciate your generous offer that enabled so many children to own an autographed copy of Cool.  Thank you!