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Mrs. Burns - Nature Explorations
Pre-K/ Kindergarten - Author Visit
Moving Up Ceremony
Kindergarten / 1st Grade - 100 Days Celebration
Pre-K/ Kindergarten - Author Visit

1st Grade
Mrs. Schmidt - Author's Visit
Mrs. Schmidt - Buoyancy Studies (w/ Grade 3)
Mrs. Schmidt - Finale 
Mrs. Sokaris - Space Project (w/ Grade 3)

Mrs. Sokaris - Sea Murals (w/ Grade 3)
2nd Grade
Mrs. Reimenschneider - Math Arrays

Mrs. Reimenschneider - Weather Study

Mrs. Reimenschneider - Hudson River (w/ Gr 4)

3rd Grade
Ms. Cunniff - Dinosaurs

Mrs. Serapilio - Sea Murals (w/ Grade 1)

Mrs. Serapilio - Space Project (w/ Grade 1)

Mrs. Domenico - Buoyancy Studies (w/ Grade 1)

4th Grade
Mrs. Holley - Soul Dinner
Ms. Fantroy - Hudson River Study (w/ Gr 2)

Ms. Fantroy - Long Houses

Ms. Fantroy - Dr. Joseph's Visit

Ms. Fantroy - Charlotte's Web

5th Grade
Mrs. Ellis - Historical Play

Ms. Low & Mrs. Adams - Microscope Investigations

6th Grade
6th Grade - Videoconference

Mrs. Schreck - Tesselations

Events and Activities:
Drama club - Charlotte's Web
Field Day
Science Fair Winners
Latin Feast
Rosa Parks - Theater Production
Music & Concerts
"Heart of Black History" Assembly
Black History Exhibits

Special Class / Events:
Mr. Flynn / Mrs. Domenico - Dinosaur Lengths 

Mr. Flynn - Bean Growth

Mrs. Chipman - Museum Room - Topsy-Turvy Dolls

Mr. Flynn - Science Fair Preparation 

Mr. Flynn - Space Camp Preparation

Art Gems - Mrs. Ferraro

Mr. Brown - School Relations

Ms. Forman - Activities

Professional Development (Summer 2002):
Seminar on "Motivating Classrooms"

Seminar on the "Understanding Cultural Differences"

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