Notes taken from a conversation with Deb Clark about the Hudson River Project and about Service Learning; they are a chronological list of topics that mentioned - click here to return to Home Page
bulletContacting the media - 
bulletPreparation / planning / orientation / environmental group talk 
bulletBill Moyers on the Hudson river/ PBS
bulletpart two - pollution on the river 
bulletclasses observe the last part of the vide
bulletErin Mair - activist in the Albany areas; see if I can reach him - 
bulletState Ed maybe ; environmental 
bulletActivist and in the view - fishing and pollution 
bulletDredging - why and how did the PCB's get into the fish
bulletReflections / Engaging Activities 
bulletan ongoing part of the process - what are the things that Mr. Mair talked about?  
bulletteacher partners the children / speaker and a listener (go by birthday date) - what are the qualities of a good speaker?  and a good listener?  (pays attention / asks questions / look the persons in the eye
bulletgive them "think" time - what are the things that cause pollution? 
bulletgive the first person time to speak and cut them off ; second speaker - give more details 
bullethave a share out - what did your partner tell you that you find interesting?   teacher writes on the board some of the ideas (they are sharing out what their partner said)
bulletdo a partner introduction 
bulletadult - name game in the beginning of class - have them shake hands - how did they get their name?  (they remember the name because of the association) 
bulletHuman treasure hunt - 7 sheets - 10 questions - only use the name once in your class (who has traveled aboard?   color purple?   has four or five brothers / sisters?)   give so much time - then find who hasn't done something / poll the class - what is most difficult and easiest to find ; they get in contact with each other - good for the mentors 
bulletintergenerational activity - senior citizens and college (who can do the Lindy?  who has written a letter to a service man?   who can fly a plane? )  - make up different sheets - 7 all together 
bulletreflection in the class - can have a written sheet / Deb to do a reflection document - report to the board of education - have the young children talk to the board ; what was the result of the study?   what did we need to make this better?   (have the kids answer this) 
bullethave a bulletin board and a powerpoint ; make it meaningful - connect the service to have the children make more connections - 
bulletmake a brochure - the kids create a brochure and could ; send to the governors and to the 
bulletneed the criteria for service learning
bulletcommunity - training ; the person coming in to talk about it ; doing the project; evaluation ; celebration - reflection (brain based learning - use as part of the evaluation) ; set up the questions to get the desired response (what did I learn?  )
bulletin the brochure - take quotes and use in as the lead in ; liz can pass on to the scientist in the museum (give back to them ) - to many communities 
bulletmedia fax - that is given ; give them the time ; the media person at Albany will contain them and then remind them - photo opportunity 
bulletgetting grants - home and security  - software on grant writing - money from many different services / teaching (service learning, character education, lesson plans, magazine) 
bulletgive and eishenhower / americorp / faith-base ; corporation for national service 
bulletyou can't give up / fran hol
bulletthe grant writing workshop ; disseminate to the faculty ; faculty committee - students on the committee too ; 
bulleterin and marianne mair - commit for kids ; 465-8523 on environmental ; school phone 462-7262 ; friday, monday or friday - except 10 - 10:35 ; no answer on thursday - may 2nd ; environmental - Arbor Hill Environmental Justice -  

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