You will need a variety of web 2.0 and science-teaching tools in courses with Drs. Frank McDonald and Eileen O'Connor. - attempts have been made to provide startup instructions on many web 2.0 materials that we will be using - however, these programs change frequently so explore, test, try, and use google-searches if some directions have changed. If you have not worked in Second Life before, you will need to follow the instructions at this link (step 1 - 10) on how to use SL, but you do not need to complete the entire assignment for T&C 2012, since you did this in an earlier course.

WEBSITES: Click here for the class website; click here for the example website (with the Humanitarian Unit). You will be sent invitations (that you must accept) to be able to visit these sites.

SECOND LIFE / SER/VE (STEM Exploratory Real/Virtual Environment) basics:

Second Life Advanced:

















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