This section contains info, tutorials, and tasks that help you earn SER/VE: Virtual/Social Certificates.

The Basic Virtual/Social Certificate is required of all participants because it introduces you to the key resources & understandings that you will need for navigating and using SER/VE and the associated websites in a meaningful way . . . and you will acquire $200 Lindens when you finish. In the next column, you can see the two ways to access these tasks.


Basic Virtual/Social Certificate & related tutorials -- earn $200 Lindens & the certificate when you:
complete the entire list of tasks in the document at this link when you are on the island; the links in this document will explain the steps, OR
-- go into SER/VE island itself and start at any Green Beam, follow the directions at each sign, and move through the tasks there

SER/VE Overview - learn what members can do at SER/VE - in print / in an animation

Send questions to :

What's this island for?
Uses of SER/VE (1 minute)
Where can I build?
Building permissions; making object to sell (2 minutes)
Using coordinates / World Map
Turning on coordinates to find places / World Map (2 m)
Changing the avatar
Changing your avatar's shape,outfits, & appearances (4 m)
Basic movements, views, & speech
Sitting, moving, texting, speech, & camera angles (5 m.)
Make "friends" / IM

"Friending" avatars you meet then IM & teleport (3 m)
Sending messages to friends & reading messages sent to you

Drive Kart & use inventory
Driving a Kart & using inventory; start in SE building area to take anything from your inventory (3 m)
Taking pictures / turn camera
Using Snapshots for email or save; turn the avatar so you can see its face (2 m)
REMEMBER: after completing all tasks at the Green Beam on the SER/VE island or from this guide you will earn $200 Lindens & acheive a SER/VE Basic Virtual/Social Certificate.
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