YouTube allows you to videotape and then broadcast your work to the world or to a limited audience. Watch Daddy Darren Denver to get ideas on creating interesting YouTube (plan, plan, plan) then learn how to and on setting the desired permissions and the level of review that you want. You will need to have a SER/VE: Technology Tools - YouTube Certification to be able to work on some Quests, unless you have been given a waiver by your instructor which indicates that you have the required skills already.  

Creating YouTube account, uploading a saved file or recording directly, setting types of permissions, sharing the link or embedding the link (4.25 m)

Print handout w/ many pictures of using the webcam-record feature--these are fast uploads w/out editing

DDD explains the use of YouTube

Example of DDD's YouTube Supplies

Example of DDD's YouTube Weatherman

Example of PatrickTLiam on mining

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