Spreadsheets, such as Excel, are important tools for gathering and storing data and information and for allowing the quick graphing, sorting / filtering, and review of data in search of patterns and trends. You will need to have a SER/VE: Technology Tools - Spreadsheets Certification to be able to work within many of the Quests, unless you have been given a waiver by your instructor which indicates that you have the required skills already.  

This website contains detailed information and animations within a course on learning to use Excel - it uses earlier versions of Excel, however, once you move past the first keystrokes, you have the same interface essentially.

Excellent information about applications, particularly with graphing and database is availalbe. Animations on how to create and use graphs and databases are included.

Click this link and then use the username of excel and the password of trust

ANIMATIONS: key features for spreadsheets, such as databases and graphing, and for the drawing programs too.;based on older versions of Microsoft but the techniques and ideas are still relevant.


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