PowerPoint skills can help you assemble and present materials, images, schematics and links. You will need to have a SER/VE: Technology Tools - PowerPoint certification to be able to work within many of the Quests, unless you have been given a waiver by your instructor which indicates that you have the required skills already. Use the tutorials below as directed by your instructor.  

Things you can do in PowerPoint (PPT):
    -- Insert images, text, & links from science & education websites into PPT; copy-paste text & move items on the page; add notes; make WordArt heading; save PPT (5.45 m)
    -- Use SmartArt -- add schematics & type in text; change color & style; resize & move SmartArt; add WordArt title; viewing a slide; open a PPT used before; add new slides; save PPT (4.15 m)
    -- Make clipart, drawings & shapes -- insert slide; multiple ways to insert pictures; move image on slide; add clipart & move / resize; make duplicate clipart; rotate clipart & adjust image; add shapes & put in text; view slide (4.25 m)
    -- Make animations & background images -- insert slide; add background picture; insert shape / adjust shape's size, color, & location; make an animation w/ a custom path - test & remove (4.5 m)
    -- Rearrange slides, make transitions, add designs to some or all slides - (4 m)

How might you use PPT?
Daddy Darren Denver explains how to use schematics & animations in interesting ways if you wanted to explain an adventure using PPT (4 m)

Using PPT with images from Second Life (4.25 m)

Useful examples & info:

Science links-- government, tourism, national parks, and education resources related to the Rocky Mountains

    --Science research PPT
    --SmartArt & graphics PPT
    --Daddy Darren Denver's PPT

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