The resources and animations below were made for Second Life and for a private island in 2012. Most of these tutorials are still useful but some adaptations may need to be made for changes in the interface. If you are using private islands, you may need to modify your work somewhat too. Still, you can get good advice and ideas from these resources.

More ideas for building and creating virtual realities in light of the fast growing open-source markets can be found at this link.

Build in areas that you own or in sandbox areas (be sure to save in your Inventory)
  print overview on building w/ links to animations; a 3-page print handout on basic to advanced building; a 1-pg. handout on advanced building & making vehicles
Basics of building objects Creating shapes changing sizes, colors, & textures, naming objects, & taking copy to inventory (4.5 minutes)
Making more complex objects Making duplicates, rotating objects, linking, putting prices on the object, renaming, putting into inventory (5 minutes)
Uploading textures / making texture in PPT Bring images & digital pictures into SL for building use with the building and with clothing & attachments (3 minutes); make images in PowerPoint for SL
Making a link to a website Bringing a website into SL by linking to the webpage (3 minutes)
Learning to build by studying other objects Get a free wand from the Retail building then learn naming, linking; use the want to learn more about making your own items (3 minutes)
Learning to build by making a clown hat Learn to build, link, name, adjust a clown hat; change camera angles; make duplicates; attach hat to your head; put hat in inventory (7.5 m)
Advanced world design Exporting / importing (into another world) & saving to inventory (3 min)


A-frame building


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