Click below for animations on building; objects stay for 4 hours

Building basics

Create shapes, changing sizes, colors, & textures; name objects, & place objects in inventory (4.5 minutes)

Making more complex objects

Make duplicates, rotate objects, link objects, put prices on the object; rename objects & put them iinto inventory (5 minutes)

Uploading your own textures & images

Bring images & digital pictures> into SL for buildng use with builidng and with clothing & attachments (3 minutes)

Learning to build by studying other objects

Get a free wand from the Retail Building & then learn naming, linking; use this approach to learn more about making your own items (3 minutes)

Advanced building & making attachments

Learn to build, link, name, adjust a clown hat; change camera angles; make duplicates; attach hat to your head; put hat in inventory (7.5 m)