SER/VE, the STEM Exploratory Real/Virtual Environment, is a virtual/social learning environment created by Dr. Eileen A. O'Connor. You may be using this location to learn about virtual spaces and/or you may be participating in classes & events or gaining certificates (see column to the right). K12 educators, parents, and students who are interested in learning more or in joining activities should send an inquiry email to

To particiapte effectively in SER/VE, you need:
1. appropriate computer setup & teacher requirements
2. access to the SER/VE private island through the avatar's name & password given to you by Dr. O'Connor
3. use of this website for tutorials and for infomation on certificates
4. access to by invitation for events & committees
5. an email address
6. optional (but recommended) headset

Learn more about SER/VE in print or in a video animation; and see some of the development history of SER/VE

A 1-page text overview w/ basic avatar operations.

Virtual/Social - Skills & Certificates: contains basic interactions and navigation tutorials and you can follow the steps at this link or follow the Green Beam on the island to take a virtual treasure hunt & learn to navigate, change appearance, take Snapshots, send messages, ride a Go Kart, use your inventory, and post to the private websites -- earn $200 Lindens and the Virtual/Social Basic Certificate when finished.

Three-Dimensional Building - Skills & Certificates: contains basic & intermediate building tutorials and you can follow the steps at this link or the Yellow Beam on the island to learn how to make, name, link, and price objects; save objects to your inventory -- earn $200 Lindens and get a Three-Dimensional Basic Certificate when finished; consider selling your objects in the Retail Store; advanced level certificates available too. You must build in the fenced-in area only & items only remain for 4 hours so be sure to save them to your inventory

Research and Technology Tools: learn how to use PowerPoint, Google Earth, YouTube, spreadsheets, and wiki-web building to aid your research and learning. Gain Cerificates of Achievement when finished.

Quest in STEM Areas: join quests and challenges with mathematics, science & engineering; you will need to have the appropriate Research & Tech Tool Certificate (see above) or equivalent to start.


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This work by Eileen A. O'Connor, Ph.D. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Read the disclaimer about working with emerging technologies.