SER/VE is a social and learning environment created by Dr. Eileen A. O'Connor that engages K12 students and their educators in virtually-mediated 21st century learning experiences and in science, mathematics, and engineering quests. Upon invitation, educators and students will be given password-access to SER/VE where they can gain the skills, experiences, awards, and certificates shown to the right. Learn about the development of SER/VE.

REQUIREMENTS: Learn about the expectations and the technology needed. Please email Dr. Eileen O'Connor at with questions.

Click here to see virtual buildings & resources

OVERVIEW: SER/VE invites selected K12 students and their educators to enjoy learning. Find out about:
       -- opportunities for awards and certificates
       -- startup activities
       -- teacher/educator materials
       -- available activities through an animated overview

Click links to learn more about each Certificate:
       -- Virtual/Social Certificates: learn to navigate, change appearance, interact with friends, use voice & text, post to the interactive private web site, and more; work from basic to advanced levels within the SER/VE virtual/social network - earn $200 Lindens when completed
       -- Three-Dimensional Building: make, name, link, and price objects; save in your inventory (earn $200 Lindens when finished); you may be able to sell objects, such as clothing and attachments, in the Retail Store
       -- Research and Technology Tools: skills in PowerPoint, Google Earth, YouTube, Excel/spreadsheets, and wiki-web building help with research and learning
       -- Quest in STEM Areas: join the various quests and challenges with mathematics, science & engineering; you may need preliminary certifications w/ Research & Technology Tools (or equivalent).