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Geology & Rock Information Web Sites

Please scroll through this list or click Volcanoes / Jewelry / Minerals / Mines:  to use the web sites.  To add web sites to this list, send me, TOASTY a message with the web address by clicking here to move to the page where you can send me notes. 

Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Mountains: 

bullet / takes you through interesting activities that consider the source and types of rocks that are available throughout the world.  Some pages have animations
bullet - explains the Geology of the Death Valley Desert in Western United States with many pictures and facts about this interesting area.  This site answers questions about what forces of nature shaped the desert features. 
bullet - very important science information about volcanoes around the world ; the beautiful volcano map on the opening page was from the World Map link from this web site
bullet  - active volcano information - real science data from the Smithsonian Institute
bullet - K12 level information on volcanoes around the world with links to movies of volcanoes and lava flows
bulleteven has a page with volcanoes in N. America 
bullethas lessons for elementary school with volcanoes & earth quakes;
bulletcontains lessons that span from a basic understanding of the earth's layers to detailed information on how volcanoes and earthquakes are formed and why they manifest themselves the way they do
bullet -  has information about the latest earthquake activities in the world; many science and seismic details available 
bullet - government information on actual geologic disturbances
bullet- images and music showing many interesting land features (volcanoes, oceans, deserts) from aerial photographs; need Flash; - contains an index to the images; click an image is see the name, location and facts about the image
bullet - many interesting facts about volcanoes, types of volcanoes, the history of the names for volcanoes, and more; has an online automatically-graded quiz about volcano information; has a volcano crossword puzzles with links to the volcano geology information and with an answer page 

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Jewelry from Rocks

bullet - a site with information, data, and pictures about jade (jewelry made from rocks).  This site even shows you what jade looks like under a microscope. 
bullet - about garnets (white ones) 
bullet - diamond facts and information from the American Museum of Natural History
bulletclick here for a picture of amber ; many, many facts about amber at 

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Rocks & Minerals ( what rocks are made of): 

bullet - explains the different ways that rocks are formed (pictures)
bullet - many activities, information, and pictures about ways to find, store, and test different minerals 
bullet - many fact, figures, and pictures about different types of minerals and the way they look (pretty)
bullet - collection of useful science information about the types and origins of sedimentary rocks
bullet - information on classification of all rocks ; contains a "key" that lets you determine the classification of a rock that you might have
bullet - animation on the formation of the various rocks; pictures and explanations of the different rock types with examples; has an online quiz about rocks
bullet - read about the different rocks (with pictures) then take the "challenge" quiz
bullet - igneous rock - background, pictures & classifications 
bullet - master list of types of rocks, origins of rocks, and more ; leads to much detail info
bullet - detailed information and a schematic on the rock cycle 
bullet - detailed rock cycle info with questions and a partially completed diagram 

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Quarries & Mines/ Geologic Maps : 

bullet - information and maps from an actual quarry in Canada 
bullet - map of the bedrock in New York ; explains the map - 
bullet - has many links to pictures of the rock types within New York State 
bullet - map with mines in NYS 
bullet - information on mining and on reclaiming mined land 
bullet - information about mining and rocks found in New York

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