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During her work in teacher education and in professional development, Dr. Eileen O'Connor has developed useful resources that are shared through these links. Scroll through the page below or click these links to move quickly to selected sections (science / mathematics / virtual reality & SER/VE) / teacher-educatation / 21st century technologies / papers & reports & teacher eduucation).
  Humanitarian unit - a unit about micro-organisms & developing resources for other countries; includes a mind-mapped wealth of high-quality internet resource on disease, its spreading, and its control that can support a students exploration about disease  
  Rocks - basic information about geology and geology activities  
  Professional-development math program (under funding from Questar III in 1999; permission granted to O'Connor for usage) created for conceptual geometry teaching; many useful classroom projects, assignments, and resources; overview of professional-development approach and ways to conduct in school districts (document under construction)  
  Professional development resources for mathematics teachers who want to create project-based, engaging units & themes  
SER/VE (STEM (science, technology, engineering, & math) Exploratory Real/Virtual Environment)

Virtual and socially-networked K12 and education environments, known as SER/VE (the STEM Exploratory Real/Virtual Environment) - contains information and tutorials about using this environment; invited participants can also gain awards and certificates for joining quests and for working within virtual/social STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) environments (see Mall of the Universe, above for a math example).

New secure resources for K12 environments are under development - access to the island is restricted to by permission only. The islands will use the Imprudence viewer and will have a series of badges made available to participants so they can acquire skills on their own. Click here to learn more about the projects and badges available within SER/VE activities.

Technology & 21st century teaching

The courses directly below were created in 2001 & have useful organizational structures, information & animations on teaching with technology, and suggest ways for integrating technologies into K12 classrooms, however, the instructions are for pre-Office-2007 versions of Microsoft so you need to adapt to the newer Microsoft format - click here to learn ways to adapt these instructions to newer versions of Microsoft:
-- Word - UserID is documents ; Password is testing
-- Excel - UserID is excel ; Password is trust
-- PowerPoint - UserID is slides ; Password is data
-- Access - UserID is database ; Password is standards
-- Excel for Statistics - UserID is excel2 ; Password is grand

  More recent version of directions for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel & other emerging technologies (Google Sites; diigo (e-bookmarking) are available here - the documentation is on essentially on a procedural level; the courses above provide strategies for usage.  
  Example of PowerPoint usage in science education  
Papers & publications by O'Connor / Teacher-Education Resources
  Selected publications on work within education and learning, particularly with technology in education; resume of O'Connor; short papers on badging as a concept; on badging in open education; and on the role of narrative and motivation in science instruction.  
  Standards and testing resources - NYS;  

Contact Dr. O'Connor either at eileen.oconnor@esc.edu for her work as an associate professor at Empire State College of the State University of New York or at eileen.oconnor1@gmail.com for the professional development materials.