Interactive Learning Solutions06/24/2004 - date of last update This website contains resources and references used in the Mathematics Institute developed and conducted by Dr. Eileen O'Connor through Interactive Learning Solutions.   Please return to this expanding list of materials and supports.  (powerpoints)
  • DOWNLOADING and using spreadsheets, word processing documents, and PowerPoint files provided at this site; there are many methods for downloading -- this method works on PC's and for Internet Explorer;
    • RIGHT click on the link (the underlined term) > click Save Target As > locate a folder (or the desktop) on your computer and save the file
    • Open Word, Excel or PowerPoint on your computer > open the file you just saved using the appropriate program.  


  • a spreadsheet containing the NYS Intermediate Mathematics Standards; in this format, you can view the 5-6 and 7-8 grade standards side-by-side and you can also add a column for your annotations and then sort the list; use the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to view all the pages
  • a spreadsheet with student scores on the June 2003 NYS Math 8 assessment for multiple choice questions
  • a PowerPoint "exemplar" file with the diagrams, highlights and summary pages from the ILS Math Institute -- not the entire Institute materials; large file (over 5MB) / download over a fast connection 
  • files that typify a Find activity in preparation for a Pythagorean Theorem lesson and a teacher-lead, student-centered example of a coordinate-pairs extended lesson 
  • pdf file (Adobe Acrobat needed) of the June 2003 NYS Math 8 Assessment - Book 1Book 2