Examples of PowerPoint Use

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See the self-tutorial on PowerPoints here for explanations of how to create all these effects & for information on combining different slide presentations - use Search on topline menu to locate instructions quickly.

    PowerPoint (PP) - exemplars  
Title Content area Author Comment 1 Note: 
precipitation  earth science students illustrated a project a teacher would conduct on weather  -- uses maps & charts; interesting visuals
Class visuals math / earth sci O'Connor ran as a loop when a class started; illustrates transitions, student-centered mapping; was used to interest teacher-ed students  -- the transitions & layering of images; OPENS SLOWLY - LG FILE
earthquake data earth science students shows earth quake damage -- uses action buttons & links for interactivity
rock types earth science students shows rock types & NYS geology map -- takes tutorials from web & creates a student study guide
mountain / mountain climbing earth science / social st O'Connor shows mountains & mountain climbing related activities -- images from web can enhance teaching ; OPENS SLOWLY - LG FILE
machine at school science / elementary  O'Connor used w/ 2nd graders to show simple machines at school -- relevance to students; digital photos of school used 
science activities in school science / local school Flynn illustrates local science activities in a school in Albany -- the use of action buttons & links (when viewing presentation click objects on the slide) 
Saturn data earth science   students presents data & images about Saturn -- a PP used as a student review guide
Hudson River treasure hunt science / field trip project O'Connor use PP to prompt sittings along the Hudson River on a teacher field trip (prof. develop) -- the integration of forms and notes along with the visuals
moon phases earth science students presents information & illustrations about the moon  -- interesting visuals; some animations (w/ PP 2002 & later software) 
Hudson river field trip science / field trip project O'Connor displays teacher-developed field trip where students tested water -- uses PP to hold all materials & to show parents & community the field trip
illustrative  students / science O'Connor shows various techniques (org chart / charts) in PP  
Schenectady journal  social st / local interest NY Wired shows local historical events; developed during prof. develop. from federal funds -- consider transitions & links; OPENS SLOWLY - LG FILE
global positioning math / science / soc st O'Connor used in activity w/ middle school students - relevant to their neighborhoods OPENS SLOWLY - LG FILE
TOAST faces students / visuals O'Connor ran as a loop in a school lobby; heralded student accomplishments -- display student work; take digital pictures & show projects; OPENS SLOWLY - LG FILE
board meeting  parents / community O'Connor displayed school activities to a school board - presented by a student -- developed in conjunction with student; OPENS SLOWLY - LG FILE